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What would you like to work on? Select your preferred sphere or plan in the list below. Once you have signed up and completed the purchase, I will communicate with you directly and we'll get the work started. Thank you and happy improving!

Plans + Payment: Text
  • Premium Plan

    All-around analysis and follow up over one month
    Valid for one month
    • Work on all spheres of interest
    • Weekly follow-up
    • Comes with detailed plans and programs for some spheres
  • Pick 3 Spheres

    Pick any 3 spheres to work on for a more complete analysis.
    • Pick any 3 spheres you'd like to work with
    • Detailed answer to your question/issue/problem
    • Clear program and plan included in some spheres
  • Tennis Technic

    Get your technic back on track!
    • Detailed analysis of your shots through video analysis
    • Tips to improve your technic
    • Fast and efficient solutions
  • Tennis Strategy

    Step up your tactical skills
    • Game style analysis
    • Discussion of general singles or doubles strategy
    • Advice on tactics and patterns to use according to your game
  • Footwork

    Let's improve your footwork
    • Footwork advice based on video analysis
    • Correction of weaknesses and targeting areas to improve
  • Injury Management

    Preventing and coming back stronger from injuries
    • Discussion around the player's history of injuries
    • Advice on treatments to go through
    • Advice on preventive and rehab exercises
    • Specialist referrals on a case-by-case basis
  • Fitness

    Get fit for the game
    • Analysis of the player's fitness routine and level
    • Targetting strenghts and weaknesses
    • Advices on trainings and exercises
  • Mental Strenght

    Work your way through challenges and better manage stress
    • Discussion of the challenge faced
    • Sharing personal experiences where I faced this challenge
    • Advice on stress management, motivation, confidence, etc.
  • Nutrition

    Eat like an athlete
    • Analysis of the athlete's current eating habits
    • Advice on what to eat before/after physical effort
    • Advice on what to eat before a tournament/match
    • General nutritional advice and product recommendations
  • Tournament Schedule

    Optimize your tournament schedule
    • Advice on the athlete's tournament calendar
    • Help picking the right competitions to enter
    • Maximize the players' growth
    • Advice on the number of events to enter
  • Training Plan

    Make the most out of your training schedule
    • Analysis of the current training conditions
    • Advice on balancing training, fitness, and match play
    • My opinion of the training environment
  • Specialist Referral

    Build a professional team
    • Help finding a coach
    • Help finding an adequate academy or tennis program
    • Help finding other specialists
Plans + Payment: PaidPlans
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